Final Fantasy X – Chocobo Race 0:0.0 Seconds

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Let’s take a small break from KH2 videos. I started replaying FFX for about the 4th time a week ago, and now I’m doing all the annoying sidequests. One of the known worst ones is getting Tidus’ Sun Sigil, which is one of the two parts needed for Tidus’ ultimate weapon. To get Tidus’ Sigil, you have to get a time of 0:0.0 in the Chocobo Race against the Trainer. Some people say it’s skill, but it’s mostly luck. Why? You have to just get lucky with the position of the ballons. They’re random each attempt, and the ONLY chance you have of getting 0:0.0 is usually if you get around 11-15 ballons, depending on whether you got hit 0-3 times by birds. But let me tell you, the birds are another thing. This is the part where people think the “skill” comes in. It’s still mostly luck. You can attempt to dodge the birds, but sometimes they’re determined to hit you. You have to hope they hit the Trainer instead. Not to mention the Chocobos are retarded to control. Not only that, but when the screen shifts, the Chocobos tend to turn slightly, usually making you miss a ballon you were hoping to get. And to add insult to injury, if you bounce off the blasted invisible boundries, you’ll probably bounce right into a damn bird. FFX is a great game, my 4th favorite FF I believe, but the sidequests for ultimate weapons’ Sigils are completely retarded and tedius. Fortunately it only took me around 15 tries this game, but my first time, it took me like 50 attempts. So while there is some “skill

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CPG185 says:

I’ve found that using the d-pad for this challenge makes controlling the chocobo a lot easier. It only took me a couple tries once I did that.

JokeswithJosh says:

this was more then likley the worst part of growing up for me….fuck this god damn game…..why couldnt they of had me just like fight the hadest thing they could think of… i get got damn chocobos…..

Blackblade22100 says:

I got it took 47 trys but i got it 15 baloons 1 hit. I swear one bird did a full 360 just to hit me

Christopher Capaz says:

Fuck this game

PsyChoPatHicLoTuS1 says:

Okay ignore my past comments… 35.3-4 seconds. No birds, and I think 12 or 13 balloons. So getting angrey does help. Don’t think the weapon is worth it however..

PsyChoPatHicLoTuS1 says:

I would rather fight sin at lvl 1 than this…

PsyChoPatHicLoTuS1 says:

How do you do it? OMFG HOW DO YOU DO IT! If I don’t get hit by more than 2 birds than I don’t collect enough balloons, if I try to collect more balloons I get hit by a ton of birds AND collect even less! WHAT THE FUCK! I really wish so fucking much I could “talk” to the maker of this sidequest. Beating her a 100 times in a row? No prob! Getting less than 0? never gonna happen.

PsyChoPatHicLoTuS1 says:

Watching this because I need a new controller…

Shane88L says:

o.m.g. Just did it, yes, just damn luck. was hit by about 3 birds and got 15 balloons all in around 38secs.

Shane88L says:

I’m with you. LUCK is what you need which imo, is just shit.

Shane88L says:


Shane88L says:

omg xD I’ve yet to begin this mini game. Omg.

IronBahamut says:

Whoever designed this, I hope you died in the most painful way imaginable

JamzThaGreat says:


Jonatan Elias Saavedra Jeria says:

I´ve just broken my controller against the floor. this fucking race made me hate squaresoft and want to kill the soab who created it.

mushroomstix says:

the worst thing in the world is getting 1 second on your time…

just happened to me i think i’m gonna go break something now…

xXwapa98xDXx says:

This mini game is hell for me ò.ó so that’s why I made my own weapon with the same things that had the ultimate weapon *yaoming*

noob4life777 says:

makes you wonder who the cruel sadistic bastard was at square who programed this damn mini game?

BlackXSunlight says:

Can you come to my house and do the race for me? I’ve been trying since 2009. And seeing you get hit by 2 birds and STILL get perfect time has encouraged me lol.

MrUniqueunknown says:

I’ve finally achieved this! Now I can carry on with my life :)

matthemod says:

I’ve never been able to do this.

Karifean says:

thanks for pointing it out. i didn’t realize people actually cared about random people being ignorant in the comments. it was not my intention to sound arrogant, nor to offend any who have trouble with this minigame.

julieng3392 says:

Ask yourself this…

Why is it that some people can study fewer hours than others but still ace the exam?
Why is it that a 16 year old Chinese girl able to beat Lotche’s timing?
Why are some people smarter than others?
etc etc.

My point is it’s just like that. Yes perhaps you are good or you are just plain lucky every time. But hey you’re using the Internet, you’ve read the comments and you know that there are many who can’t. You made yourself sound ignorant and arrogant. Just so you know.

julieng3392 says:

If I were Tidus I’d simply energy rain all them birds and balloons. Oh and that chocobo trainer too. Lousy bitch.

Kligor2 says:

I hate it when 3 birds hit you and you havent even moved from that spot! GODDAMNIT!

Kligor2 says:

I fail I always get 6:6 ballon to bird… FUUUUUU

ThaneKaiden says:

Square owes us an apology for this minigame.

Karifean says:

nothing is more frustrating than getting EXACTLY 0:0:0, cause you have to go below to get the sigil.

Karifean says:

tbh i seriously don’t see why people have such problems with this game. it might just be me being good at these types of games but i never had any trouble getting the Sun Sigil.

patate7787 says:


Hijink93 says:


misterwood569 says:

0:0:1 X(

TheMasterGinta says:

Why cant the final fantasy 10 minigames be as fun as the final fantasy 9 ones. Oh well, this chocobo thing only took me 43 tries anyways.

nauriini says:

I’ve tried this now about for an three hours and I’m getting homicidal towards the trainer, the birds, the f***** chocobo, my controller and I’m so close at throwing my phone on the wall. I frecking HATE this shitty minigame, I’m starting to hate SS for this minigame… My best score is 0,6s and I got that way over an hour ago. -.-

iCalvinho says:

i cant get it lower than 1.1 its ANNOYING me soo MUCH >.<

TheSecretLight says:

Yeaaaahhh I got to like 80 bolts and then the game glitched and I just said screw it… Lulu’s badass enough without her effing weapon. I can kill sin without it. Lol

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